10 cool tricks and secrets in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Here are a few neat tricks and secrets to look out for during your playthrough of The Phantom Pain.

Mission 04 Secret

There’s a super quick and easy way to beat Mission 04…without even having to play the mission.

If you destroy all of the communication devices in the Eastern Communications Outpost prior to launching Mission 04, you’ll complete the mission instantly without having to actually do anything. A radio sequence will trigger instead.

NOTE: You won’t receive a score for the mission if you do this

How To Recruit Hideo Kojima

Having Hideo on your base is actually quite beneficial and isn’t just for aesthetic reasons.

1. Update Ground Zeroes and import your saved data into The Phantom Pain.

2. Complete Mission 6, “Where Do The Bees Sleep” mission.

3. Once completed, the mission summary sheet should inform you that Hideo is now at Mother Base.

He has a “Diplomat” skill, meaning he helps keep conflict on the base down to a minimal. Essentially, he’s a peacekeeper for your base. He also has an A+ in R&D; and and S in Intel, so there’s certainly a benefit to finishing Ground Zeroes just to land Hideo for your Phantom Pain base.

Hook it to my veins!

The ACC is a pretty important part of the Phantom Pain experience.

Whenever Big Boss enters the ACC with a serious injury, he’ll have a drip attached. If he is suffering from two or more serious injuries, he’ll get a blood transfusion instead.

Don’t undervalue the water pistol

The water pistol might seem like a fairly useless tool, but it can actually be quite useful. If you fire it at small electrical devices such as antennas and radio transmitters, it will disable them without making any noise.

Also, it can be used to stun enemies before they raise an alarm. If you headshot an enemy soldier with the water pistol, they will be momentarily blinded, allowing you to interrupt Reflex Mode and knock out/kill the guard.


A sleeping enemy soldier certainly makes things a lot easier for Big Boss, but there’s a way to keep them down and out for a little longer.

Approaching an enemy that is under “ZZZ” or “STN” status and awakening them before knocking them out again will refresh the amount of time they’re out of consciousness for. Kicking and hitting them too many times, however, will kill them.

That tickles!

If you spray Quiet with the water pistol, she’ll wiggle around as the parasites in her body react to the water. This is the same thing the Skulls do when they are sprayed with water.


The game world is completely regenerating. Anything that is destroyed during combat — things like watchtowers, antennas, power systems, to name a few — will be repaired and replaced after five missions.

Awesomely, this rule applies to objects that you extract out of the world to Mother Base using the Fulton extract, meaning new turrets, weapons and other resources will eventually return to the world for the taking (again).

If you’re low on ammo and enter Reflex Mode, shoot an empty magazine clip at the enemy’s head to stun them. This will work under any situation, even if the enemy is wearing a helmet.

Increasing Big Boss’ Speed

Big Boss has a maximum default speed of around 30km/h. However, you can upgrade this speed by focusing on specific upgrades, which will certainly help you in attaining S Ranks for missions.

1. Upgrading the Bionic Arm to Mobility 3 Upgrade will increase top speed to 36km/h.

2. Equipping Cyborg Ninja uniform will increase top speed to 39km/h.

3. Equipping Raiden uniform will increase top speed to 45km/h.

Playing with power

Low-voltage overhead power lines are a useful tool in the battlefield when it’s raining.

Knocking one down will create an electrical disturbance in the area around the damage, shocking and stunning unconscious any nearby enemies.

Open the pod doors

During Side Op 143, you’ll retrieve a A.I. Pod that recites familiar lines whenever you shoot at it.

Using a lethal weapon against the pod will cause it to speak lines from Metal Gear Solid 3 and Peace Walker. You can only initiate this once in the battlefield, however, as the moment you send it back to Mother Base, you’ll only be able to use glass-piercing weapons to set off the quoting again.

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