5 Reasons Why Diablo 3 Gamers Should Buy Torchlight II

Despite my thoughts that Torchlight II may be committing commercial suicide, there will be a slew of gamers out there wondering if it’s worth their while. Chances are you were unsatisfied with Diablo 3 and it’s apparent lack of end-game, salivating for the chance to jump into a game with some sweet loot. Here’s 5 reasons why every Diablo gamer should buy Torchlight II.

Offline/LAN play

One of the most hated features of Diablo III is the fact you must be online, even when playing single-player. This presents a problem when there are network outages, server updates or when playing with friends at a LAN without a working connection. Thankfully Torchlight II allows you to play offline either solo or with friends via a LAN. Basic feature we know, but we can’t keep track of how many times we’ve tried to play D3 and have been denied by a dodgy internet connection.

Pets are awesome

Mercenaries are fine and all but wouldn’t you prefer a Ferret named Peter Nincompoop? Players will choose from eight species to join them on their adventures, making sure you’re never alone. Pets are really handy too – they will attack your enemies and hold your loot, retrieve gold, potions and scrolls, and if your inventory fills up you can transfer your useless gear and send them into town to sell your items while you keep adventuring. No need to use the town portal every 30 seconds to empty your loot.

Truly build your character

Diablo III’s skill system isn’t too shabby after you turn on Elective Mode, however with automatic levelling it takes away the fun of creating a truly unique and specific build. It’s great for newcomers to the series, but it is seriously lacking depth when compared to its predecessors.

Torchlight II allows you to build up your stats and skills any way you see fit, meaning you can create something truly special on your advanture. It adds a lot of choice to proceedings but manages to avoid being overwhelming for those who just want to jump in and play.

Single-player campaign

Whenever I play Diablo III alone it feels like the game is missing something. I’m isolated, the enemies are coming and I feel as though I’m facing truly impossible odds. Overall I simply don’t find the single-player experience much fun.

Torchlight II, on the other hand, feels like it was tailor made for the lonely adventurer. Whether it’s the inclusion of super awesome pets, the welcoming visual style, or the developers just learned how to craft a single-player experience from the first Torchlight, which didn’t feature any type of multiplayer, it’s an adventure you won’t mind taking alone.


Blizzard want you to enjoy Diablo III the way they tell you to enjoy it, while Runic Games are allowing enterprising gamers to create mods for Torchlight II. If DayZ and Black Mesa are anything to go by, modding communities will often spawn something truly amazing out of their hives, and we can’t wait to see where they take things with Torchlight II.

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