How to recruit players to a clan Clash of Clans

I see a lot of clans who are trying in the global chat to recruit players, but don’t get enough joining. I was the leader of a few clans in the past and they were successful, so I hope to share some of my tips with you. Please note that this is not the clan it’s just a guide on how to get people to join the clan.

What is the set of people in the clan?

It is, frankly, recruitment, trying to get Clash of Clans players to join the clan. This is done through global chat in game, through forums, YouTube, any web site which can allow you to persuade someone to join your clan. But, of course, is most often used for these purposes global chat. About it we and will talk.

How to and how not to properly recruit people into the economy.

There are various ways of recruitment. There are some people who are spamming in global “Join us please, we are a good clan.” There are some more Mature recruiters who just write “Set”. None of them, not desire to join them. So now we move on to what can and what cannot be done.

Do Not: Spam “Set”. No one wants to see it.

You can: Write to people that you offer. What level troops do you suggest? How active your clan plays? As you play clan wars?

It is impossible to Offer outright to co or elder. Many are desperately trying to get people to your clan handing out positions just for the fact that man is gone. But people who join for the positions most often do not stay. They come, kick everyone you can and then leave themselves. Believe me, I’ve been through this more than once.

You: Tell them how to earn elder. Say, “sorry, we do not give out free elder. If you want, you must donate 300 troops to clan mates”. This will encourage the clan members to stay, and not to create a clan thoroughfare.

Here are examples of good and bad reports about the kit.

Good: “hi all! Accept LV 40+ Mature and active players. Elder is earned by donating troops. We offer an active chat and good advice. Join if you want a successful clan!”

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